FORMA 25 | Healthcare


What makes patients reluctant to visit their doctors and dentists? Perhaps they fear pain, confusion or helplessness. They may also dislike offices that are impersonal, disorienting and uncomfortable. While architecture and interior design cannot address every negative perception about medicine or dentistry, the work of FORMA Design demonstrates that good healthcare design can improve the patient experience–sometimes radically. Co-founded by Andreas Charalambous, AIA, IIDA in 1994, FORMA Design is an award-winning interior architecture and interior design firm in Washington, DC practicing residential, healthcare, and commercial design, as well as furniture design and procurement. Its distinctive, modern designs for healthcare facilities in Washington, DC, southern Maryland, northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida actually draw praise from children as well as adults.

Healthcare facilities are complicated spaces, assembling people, equipment, science and technology in exacting configurations. To enable them to satisfy patients and families as well as practitioners, FORMA Design conceptualizes them from the patients’ point of view. Good wayfinding, smooth patient flow, attractive and original spaces, and comfortable furnishings express a warm welcome to patients.

FORMA Design’s comprehension of healthcare environments is the product of considerable knowledge and experience. Charalambous, born in London, the U.K. to Greek/Cypriot parents and raised in Cyprus, studied architecture at Cornell University under a Fulbright scholarship before working for various architecture firms in London, New York and Washington, DC, and subsequently co-founding FORMA Design in 1994. Twenty-five years of healthcare design have taught him and his colleagues how to make
spaces that heal as well as shelter.

FORMA Design’s architecture and interior design projects have won the respect of the design profession as well as the gratitude of its clients. To date, FORMA Design has received 14 awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and 20 awards from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). In addition, the firm has been nominated by Cooper- Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum for the National Design Awards, the nation’s highest honor for excellence, innovation, and lasting achievement in American design, for seven consecutive years. Its work has been widely published in over 200 local, national and international books and magazines and has been featured on several shows on national television.

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