Internal Medicine Clinic in Washington, DC

“Patients needn’t know that this one-floor, 3,800-square-foot office of Price Medical, located south of Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C., incorporates the demising walls of former studio apartments, because these immovable structures are seamlessly integrated as basic organizing elements. PRICE Medical, designed by FORMA Design, handles other existing conditions with similar creativity, using the reception area to split the space into a private doctor’s suite to the left and the main part of the practice to the right. 
What matters more
to Dr. Tim Price and his staff, however, is that the peaceful, residential-style environment diminishes patients’ stress.
In appraising the facility that also includes private
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offices, patient consultation rooms, laboratory and blood work rooms examination rooms and restrooms, Dr. Price declares: “Our patient rolls are full, and the office is working and wearing well after many years. From the moment a patient walks into Price Medical, he or she is immersed in a healing environment of care and comfort that has become an essential component of the practice.”

**Excerpt from the book FORMA Design | 25

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