Pediatric Dental office in VA

Pediatric Dental Office in VA

Beverly Pediatric Dentistry occupies a modern, 1,300-square-foot pediatric dental office in McLean,Virginia that manages the considerable feat of appealing to a clientele ranging from toddlers to teenagers. When Dr. Maryam Mohammadi asked FORMA Design to design a space that would make patient visits interesting and comfortable for children of all ages and their accompanying parents, the design team proposed the unconventional idea of an environment that would appeal to the interests of specific age groups. As a result, in addition to having a reception desk, private offices, an open dental bay area, a quiet room for surgical procedures and laboratories for x-rays and sterilization, the office incorporates a coffee bar, a miniature theater where a plasma screen monitor shows kids’ movies, a playroom for young patients, and a computer station for teenagers who want to surf the Internet.

By making sure all functions were accommodated efficiently, FORMA Design produced a seamless and exciting
project that encompassed branding, graphics and marketing materials for the practice as well as interior architecture. Interestingly, young patients and their parents are not the only fans of Beverly Pediatric Dentistry’s new office. Local dentists have
been so impressed by what they see, they have become valued sources of referrals for the practice.

**Excerpt from the book FORMA Design | 25

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