Loft in Arlington

Arlington, VA

The client purchased a brand new loft in Arlington, and contacted FORMA to assist him in bringing the builder-grade apartment to its potential. He shared images that appealed to him and once we discussed his goals and budget, we proposed several options that would transform the space. The design process, initially in plan, then in 3D, examined the spatial configurations, materials and colors, until the client signed off on the design he felt best met his goals. We stayed involved to turn that vision into reality, working closely with the contractor and vendors, and assisted in the selection and procurement of the furniture and accessories as well. During a recent conversation, the client said he gets a “wow” every time someone walks through the door, which is what he had secretly been aiming for.

Client Testimonial

"I purchased a new loft style condo late 2013 and had no idea how to decorate it. Open floor-plan, 20 foot ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, exposed duct work, etc. I didn't want to leave it simple and as-is, but transform it into a space that would "wow" people when they entered it. After an initial experience working with a "by-the-hour" designer fell short of my expectations/needs, I decided to start looking for an established design firm that could help me realize my vision.

I found FORMA through researching local designers with experience in building out modern residential spaces, and looking through the work of theirs in Houzz and like publications, they appeared to be more aligned with what I was picturing. From the minute I met with them (Andreas), I knew it would be a fit. He immediately began throwing out ideas, concepts, and possible changes that could make my space "pop". Upon requesting my feedback, FORMA did a great job at taking a very abstract vision of what I was targeting the end result to emanate and turned that into a plan that achieved that and beyond. They started with 3D drawings to get my approval, then followed with a formal plan of how they would deliver.

End-to-end, I was very satisfied in working with FORMA. They did all of the work, I just had to give my approvals and cut the checks. Their talent, experience, and confidence in their work showed, and they never had any doubts that the end results would meet my expectations - and they were right! The staff (Andreas and Juan for my project) and of equal importance the contractors they work with (MCA Remodeling in my case) work in perfect coordination making one-another and the quality of the work products in aggregate better as a result.

There were a couple of minor hiccups related to the timing of some of the furniture delivery that caused me frustration, but ultimately that was out of FORMA's hands (more the vendor issue). They did their best to give me options at varying price points to help keep me within my targeted budget, so hopefully that was an anomaly or they will reconsider using that vendor in the future.

It's a big undertaking, completely transforming your home and spending a lot of money to do so, but in selecting FORMA, you can be certain of one thing - the results will be beautiful, unique, and "wow" your friends."