Coviello Oral Surgery | Modern Maxillofacial Clinic in VA

Falls Church, VA

For this 3300sf modern maxillofacial clinic in VA in the Mosaic District of Falls, FORMA Design was tasked to create a sophisticated adult vibe that would set the clinic apart from its competitors. In addition to designing the space, FORMA developed the branding and artwork packages, to create a memorable and sublime experience for the patients as well as the doctor and the staff.

  • The project was awarded the 2014 Silver Award for Healthcare Design from The International Interior Design Association's (IIDA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter.
  • The office was Featured on the cover of the July 2014 issue of Healthcare Design
  • The Project was featured in the Summer 2016 issue of  METRO ARCHITECT on FORMA Design and our work through the past 20 years.

Client Testimonial

“I engaged FORMA Design’s services both for the architectural design and the branding of my 3300sf Maxillofacial surgery clinic in the Mosaic District of Northern VA, and tasked them with creating a sophisticated adult vibe that would set the practice apart. There is nothing stereotypical about the results. Design decisions were centered around the patient experience. Our patients absolutely love our office, they even comment on how aesthetically pleasing the coat hang is.

The comfortable oversized furniture and subtly textured cast plaster accent walls of the waiting area set the tone when entering the office. From the sculptural Concierge desk sitting in front of a super graphic of the classical sculpture that served as inspiration for the clinic’s brand identity, to the private waiting and conference areas separated from the adjacent waiting room by curved textured glass panels, there is an interplay between the discrete areas of the office. The overall impression of the office is one of personalized service, attention to detail and quiet comfort, facilitating patient flow and providing a memorable experience for the patients as well as for myself and my staff.

FORMA developed the logo, graphics package, signage, and selected the furniture and artwork. These things were all completed in a well coordinated and thought out entity. I am thrilled with the results.”

-Vincent Coviello, DDS- Coviello Oral Surgery, Falls Church, VA