Price Medical | Modern Dupont Circle Medical Center

Washington, DC

For this modern Dupont Circle Medical Center, the client requested a peaceful environment that would diminish the stress patients feel when going to the doctor. The personal attention devoted to treating each patient is reflected in the state-of-the-art equipment, finishes and detailing. Glass partitions and light-filtering shading maximize natural light. Furnishings were selected for their simplicity and function. From the moment a patient walks into the space they are immersed in a calming environment of care and comfort.

Client Testimonial

“Relocating and re-branding my practice has been a tremendous success. FORMA helped me define my goals and get the most out of the new office space I had purchased. They captured my desire to create an environment that was functional for the Doctors and staff while creating a look and feel that I always wanted in my office- a soothing environment that helps alleviate patients’ stress and avoids a clinical look. I hoped that patients would feel more like they were visiting a friend’s home rather than visiting the Doctor. Our patient rolls are full and the office is working and wearing well after 8 years. People are as impressed by the office today as they were the day we opened.”

-Timothy Price, MD- Price Medical, Washington, DC